T.T.Y Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

With a vision of transforming import based medical supplies into manufacturing based, is working diligently in importing high quality medical equipment to various segments of customers specific to their need. Our company serves a wide range of customers that range from private hospitals, private clinics, educational institutions, pharmacies, public hospitals, other health institutions to specialized hospitals.

T.T.Y is a fast growing company and increasing its efficiency and performance from time to time to satisfy customer needs. Currently, T.T.Y serves for wide range of customers such as private and public (specialized) hospital, private clinics, health and educational institutions, pharmacies. The company operate in all regions of the territory of Ethiopia and deliver products promptly in order to satisfy the esteemed customer in general and discovering new potential in regard to our supplies with the newly adaptive technologies.

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Why Choose Us?

Our professional staff and the management team believes in Customers loyalty, Render quality products.

Our Purpose

To avail the Ethiopian market by purchasing, preparing and distributing pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, equipment and other products, which pertain for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases and performing related activities in the health related sector.

Our Vision

T.T.Y’s vision is to become a renowned and respected supplier of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals where in the long run aspires transformation to manufacturing of medical equipment and contribute its role in the market growth of the sector.

Core value

T.T.Y’s values rest in its vision and missions that brings its customers at the center of our service. Thus in order to deliver our supplies of products with a highest range of satisfaction to our customers, our professional staff and the management team believes in Customers loyalty, Render quality products and services, Efficiency, Being Ethical, Honesty, Civility.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Tewdros Tajebe

General Manager

Mrs. Mahlet Worku

Deputy Manager

Mr. Behailu Tajebe

Sales Manager

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