Nihon Kohden


User-friendly operation menu

You can arrange the settings of the Quick menu window according to your own operation procedure. You can directly open the examination program, saved data, edit program, operation manual and examination guide from the Quick menu.

Extensive built-in help

The Neuropack Navigator on-screen examination guide shows examination information, electrode, stimulation positions for NCS and other examinations. Onscreen operation manuals are also available. You can refer to Neuropack Navigator and operation manuals anytime.

Innovative software

Quick EMG and Quick NCS programs provide the fastest examination possible. Basic protocols, including EMG, NCS and somatosensory, auditory, and visual evoked potential software are provided as standard. Optional software packages are available for other examinations. Flexible reports generation Three types of report can be generated by just clicking the report button. • Output to Microsoft® Excel/Microsoft® Word • Printout of waveforms on the screen • Waveforms, data and information on one page

Routine EMG Examination Program, EMG2

EMG2 is the first routine program to utilize auto MUP detection and classification, and real time turns/amp analysis. A more functional and sophisticated EMG findings screen in EMG2 meets various needs in clinical use by easy and smooth operation.

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