Optima II


MC2, MCB, Optima II, Seal





Frequency emitted

450 KHz


PURE CUT: 360 W / 250 Ω
BLEND 1 : 330 W / 250 Ω, light haemostatic effect
BLEND 2 : 320 W / 250 Ω, deep haemostatic effect
ENDOSECTION 1/2 : 200 W / 250 Ω for gastrointestinal endoscopy (polypectomy)

Forced cut

FORCED PURE CUT : 370 W / 450 Ω, forced cut
Forced Soft HEMOCUT : 340 W / 450 Ω, forced cut with light haemostatic effect
FORCED HEMOCUT : 330 W / 450 Ω, forced cut deep haemostatic effect
SPHINCTEROCUT: 200 W / 450 Ω pulsed cut for sphincterotomy

User’s interface

LCD touch-screen

HF power display

Digital display in maximum Watts


Storage of interventions parameters :mode of cut and coagulation, power adjustments

Initial programs

80 programs classified by surgical specialties


Universal electrosurgical platform with latest generation microprocessors for the providing of energies which are in real time adapted to the evolution of the tissues.

Full electrosurgical unit 370 W

Complete electrosur-gical units 370 W with a wide range of monopolar and bipolar effects


Specific wave form dedicated to endoscopic polypectomy

Argon system

Argon module for a com-plete solution: APC for the hepatic and endoscopic surgery The gold standard of bipolar plasma resection power dedicated for bi-polar TUR and hyste-roresection procedures. A unique system which can seal, dissect and cut in one instru-ment, dedicated for Thyroid and delicate procedures


Safe and efficient up to 7 mm vessel diameter with Validation signal after sealing process

Special features

Friendly user interface with an LCD touch screen without button with 8,66¡¨ size. More than 80 programs for all surgeries specialties. Saving more than 1 000 personal programs. 4 High Frequency outputs : 2 monopolars and 2 bipolars Saline cut with PLASMA technology : RTUP/RTUV Saline cut with PLASMA Technology : uterine resection Fulguration / Spray with the Argon Module System Twin coagulation Recognition and traceability of the instruments

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